Monday, 21 May 2012

Seeing delectable food my mouth always starts watering....So,i thought of sharing few tasty indian recipes from my kitchen which is going to boost the beginners and the valuable comments from all of you will make me to learn more and more................

Now a days, we are very much concerned regarding our health.Many people have stopped eating foods made from all-purpose flour (maida) and started eating products from whole wheat.So,today we are going to learn how to make very soft chapattis (phulka) from whole wheat flour which is very healthy.The ingredients we need for  very soft chapattis are::

Whole wheat flour-2cups
Impurity free water-1cup
Salt-1/2 spoon

Step by step  process with pictures::

  • Take whole wheat flour in a open mouthed deep bowl.Add Salt  and mix the mixture well.  
  • Now,take another pan and boil 1 cup water.Don't boil not too much,slightly warm.
  • Add warm water to the whole wheat flour slowly and try to make soft dough.
  • After we make a soft dough cover it with a bowl on top of it or keep it inside a plastic/steel tiffin box for minimum 2 hours.
  • Now it is ready for making chapattis after 2 hours.Prepare round phulkas,Add little ghee on top of it and immediately put it inside casserole and serve with any delicious curry of your choice.
  • Hope you all enjoy the recipe.

Note: Don't add all the warm water at a time.

Try to make chapattis in this process and hope,it should come out well.Please drop your valuable comments!!!!